What is a role of a female in family-business in modern era?

Some time back I have written blog about how your every choice or decisions small or big, have an impact in the situations you find yourself in today or situations you shall be tomorrow.

I have also written another blog that the society is accepting the changing role of a female in the family. However, while accepting the changing role of a female, both a female at her individual level and society at large, are getting more and more clear that what a “female should not be doing”. Whereas, there exists a sizeable lack in thought process or initiative as to what exactly a female should be doing, when she has spare time from whatever existing duties she has.

We all know that traditionally, when the family system was established, what was the role of a female? A female was assigned very important role as a home-maker. We can call that role broadly as role of “family-management”. Traditionally, male was responsible for business and financial matters.

However, the roles of both males and females have considerably undergone a huge change and are continuously changing. Women are mostly at par with man in every field. The education level in female has considerably gone up. Females are now equally educated or rather more educated then even males. As a result, a female in most families are not expected to do those tasks which she was expected to do originally when the family system was established. These are welcome changes.

The fact that today’s females have higher education, the potential role of a female needs to be thought of with much deeper interest so that a female can better use her talent, skills and education, for herself and at the time can contribute to the society in much better use.

If we analyse and understand this situation in detail, what we realise is that there is an urgent need for clearly defining the new role of Today’s female and expectations from her by the family and society. As per my understanding of the situation, today’s educated female is not able to fully explore her skills, talent and education. This situation is leading to a great amount of frustration among educated or talented females and probably she has a sense of regret that what is she is doing for herself and for her family and society.

Who is responsible for this rising level of frustrations? I believe largely the society at large and also a female herself to some extent.

A big question: Is our families or society at large are ready to accept a larger role of a female in family business?

Is there a need for change in our mindset when a daughter goes for higher education?

To answer this question, we need to first answer another question. What is the mindset of parents when they are sending son for higher education. Families having family business definitely have an expectation that our son should come back after higher education and join our family business so that we can take our family business to higher levels. Right?

Now let us fairly assess that do parents have the same expectations from a daughter when she undertakes higher education or returns home after higher education. Probably its not exactly that way. Yes, agreed that she shall not be part of her parent’s family business for long as she shall get married and go to join another family. Are you as parent shaping her talent and skills capable of being part of her in laws family later-on?

I believe that we need to give a greater exposure of our family business, to our daughters or daughter in laws, we need to develop her interests and involve her in family business so that be she is aware of family business, she understand her family business and she has enough exposure of family business to take her family business to next levels and even she can take charge of family business in case of any emergencies.

Another interesting aspect about outlook of most members of our society is that they allow a female to join corporate or employment at other places but hesitate to allow her to join family business.

One of the major reasons of stress among male is that they are not able to share their business issues with wife because she is ignorant of the subject. Best way to release any stress is sharing. When a female understands the family business related aspects, it becomes convenient for a male to share with them.

A female needs to be shared relevant knowledge and skills which enables her to understand business, finance and wealth in a better way. She needs exposure to family businesses. That’s the objective of hidden treasure course designed and delivered by me. During this course she understands those relevant knowledge, skills which are important for a female to shape her talent in contributing in family business.  Our methodology of knowledge sharing is very interesting and entertaining. We help females to be ready for contributing largely in family business and wealth-management.

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