Who is the Finance Minister at your Home?

Welcoming first female as finance minister of India.

Hidden Treasure feels so proud while congratulating Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman on being appointed as honourable finance minister of India… our Indian family as a whole.

It is so amazing to realise that what a female can actually do for her family. Yes, she can very well defend her family as defence minister and she can best manage the finance of the family as finance minister. I have always believed that a female is truly talented to manage the finance, being it family, being it business, or being a country as a whole.

First female finance minister…What is that a female from every family can realise of this. This is big reason for every female to rethink about her choices or preferences as to what to do with the talent, skills and how does she make the best use of her time. While every female can feel proud of this appointment I have a message for every female in every family. You can be the best person to manage the finance of your family and your family business as well. In today’s era where a female is at par with a male in every aspect, finance management is afield which should be the key role of a female, and by doing so, the society can achieve the objective of women-empowering in true sense.

Today’s female is talented, focused, educated and passionate to achieve something in life. A female is aspiring to play a role of contributor in the family and society. She is readying herself to play a role beyond family management, a role that of financial management. If the spirit of this message properly reaches to every female of the society and when they find connected to this concept that every female can play a role of financial management, this can become a true revolution. The occasion of appointment of Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman as honourable finance minister by our honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendar Modi has a potential to become a revolution.

Yes, there is a need of confidence building among every female that she can play a role of effective finance-manager of family as well as family businesses and this confidence building can be achieved through
learning and sharing of relevant skills of financial management by every female. And it’s not very difficult. As a founder of hidden treasure. I have witnessed immense potential in every female coming to my class that a female has an amazing understanding and analytical capabilities for both financial management and business management. They have
proved there deep interest in the subject and by learning the skills relevant to the management of finance and business they are getting ready to perform their new role in managing finance. My dream is seeing every female as a core team member of financial decision making. Just make a beginning…. take a small step forward and the world is yours.

Society is undergoing a transformation phase and the role of a female and a male is under change in a family. And managing finance and wealth with key business aspects should be under portfolio of female.

And managing finance and wealth with key business aspects should be under the portfolio of female.

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