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A Specialized course for Finance for students of Non-Finance subjects

Finance is the lifeline of any business organization. Your role and approach undergoes a significant improvement with the relevant knowledge and skills of accounts, finance and entrepreneurship. We make the learning process very easy and entertaining for you.

The course objective :

  • Sizeable value-addition to your existing skills.
  • Substantially improving your value, role and importance in organization.
  • Enable you achieving faster and sizeable higher financial rewards and promotions.
  • To better connect you with the main vision of the organization.


Topics :

Session 1: Basics of Accounting

Session 2: Understanding Balance Sheet

Session 3: Understanding Costing

Session 4: Understanding Budgeting

Session 5: Understanding Cash Flows

Session 6: Understanding and Adopting Entrepreneurship Mindset

Session 7: Effective Management Information System

Session 8: Understanding Banking Operations, Banking Transaction and Internet Banking

Session 9: Understanding and Managing your personal Investments and Wealth

  • Saving, Investing, Multiplying
  • Life Insurance Plan
  • Managing Properties & Rental Income

Course Content

Time: 10 weeks

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