As a female are you clear about your role in family

When the family system was originally introduced there were well-defined roles and responsibilities for male and female. In the ancient time, a male and female both were clear as regards what is expected from each of them in the family.

Now society is under goings transformation phase very fast and in the transformation stage, there are bound to be some lack of clarity as regards the roles and responsibilities of male and female and its acceptability.

What I have found, that the society is getting more and more clear as regards what a female should not do that is becoming more clear that what a female is not expected to do but there is lack of clarity exist as regards what a female should do.

There exist a lack of clarity as regards what is the exact role of a female in the new structure of the family. What happens is that the time and talent a female remains unexplored. This is resulting in wastage of time and talent of a female. Which ultimately leads to dissatisfaction among females, probably she is not proud of her contribution to the family.

What are the solution and way forward? It is simple, channelizing the talent of the female for constructive management of family wealth, finance and key aspects of the family business. The author believes that a female is a truly talented, more focused, more dedicated result oriented and passionate to achieve. What is that is missing? The lack of confidence to become part of teams managing family business family finance and wealth.

The reason for the lack of confidence is also untestable. They are not being shared the relevant skills for managing family business finance & wealth and they don’t have those kinds of experience.

The author believes when a talent of a female is shaped by learning relevant skills of business and finance and exploring those skills by case studies and examples, she will be ready as core team member for managing family business wealth & finance and that is exactly the objective of hidden treasure, where we are shaping female talent into entrepreneurship.

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