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Ashok Kumar Sharda 01

Ashok Kumar Sharda

A family business can be truly called a “family-business” only when every family member of your family including “female and your next generation” is a part of your family business.

-Ashok Kumar Sharda

He is a Visionary, Chartered Accountant, Finance-Consultant, Family-Business expert, Entrepreneur, Motivator, Writer and Actor with more than 30 years of experience in business and entrepreneurship.
He is a leading Chartered Accountant engaged in consultancy for Business Development, Business planning and strategies, Business Management, Business restructuring, Project Finance for last 30 years. He is associated with many leading business houses as consultant and advisor.
He believes that every family managed business needs to be managed with a corporate mindset. He advocates that female empowerment can truly be achieved through involvement of females into financial decision making and involvement in family businesses. He is actively working on his vision to shape entrepreneurship capabilities of a female into main-stream businesses.
He has recently written a creative-play on bridging generation gap in family-managed businesses, where he also played major role as an actor. He is an expert in methodologies and skills for bridging generation gaps in family businesses.
His uniqueness is to present and share the complex subjects of business and finance in such interesting and entertaining way that even a person from non-finance background can understand and involve with ease.

About Uniwill 02

About Uniwill

Adding more entrepreneurs in your family

Uniwill is a company engaged in mentoring and skills development of entrepreneurs. Our major objective is to create and nurture entrepreneurship amongst every family member, especially amongst females and young generations.

We are “creating more entrepreneurs” in every family. We believe that for “sustainable business growth of any family business, over generations to come” it is important that, every-one in the family is pro-actively involved in the business. This is the way forward “to ensure stronger foundation to your business, enabling exponential growth to your business and better safeguard to your family-wealth.

We make the entrepreneurship learning an entertaining journey, even for those who are not from business family or commerce background.

Our courses are designed :

i. to create more entrepreneurs “by channelizing hidden talents and potential among females” into entrepreneurship, so that every family have more entrepreneurs within family.

ii. to encourage “next generations of your family” into entrepreneurship by “bridging the gap between the knowledge provided in classrooms during education and the skills needed at grassroot levels in doing business, so that next generations are more involved in business & entrepreneurship.

Why we started 03

Why we started

Innovative business solutions and Unique entrepreneurship courses for every family member for their involvement into family business for stronger foundation, ensuring safeguards and enabling exponential business-growth to your family business ventures.

Shaping, exploring and scaling entrepreneurship capabilities and skill in every individual of each family.

Today most of the youngster are preferring corporates to family business after higher education and those who have joined family business are not able to work to their potential. This is the result of generation gap which is causing great concern that who is going to take care of your business after you. At uniwill we provide solutions for creating synergies among generation for ensuring combination of energies and experiences among generations. So that both generations can happily co-exist for brighter tomorrow.

Our Uniqueness 04

Our Uniqueness

1. The courses are devised by experienced professional having rich experience of three decades.

2. The methodology and delivery of the course is very interesting and involving.

3. The USP of the courses related to females is that they can use the knowledge for understanding and contributing to their family business by using their part spare time.

4. The courses are designed for using the knowledge in practical life to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and skills needed for practicing profession and entrepreneurship.

5. The course is suitable for all age group and no previous education or experience needed

Our Team


Head Mumbai Office


Office Administration & Head Subsidy Department & Legal Expert


Head Management Consultancy Department, Financial Modelling & Subsidy Consultancy


Head Project Finance Department & Debt Syndication


Administrator & Head of Research Department


Project Finance Consultant


Head of Marketing & Start-up Support

Mrs. Rachna Manoj Maheshwari
Every female has desire to do something in life. I wanted to learn and do something. Hidden Treasure taught me in very interesting and entertaining way the practical knowledge about family business and wealth management which has changed the perspective of my life.
Mrs. Anju Satyen Somani
Every female is multitasking and multitalented and to better utilize there time and talent Hidden Treasure is doing the right things in this regard by showing those areas where we can contribute in our family business.
As soon as our kids are grown up, we all have good time to channelize our energy in more productive way. This course is the right platform for females to constructively use their time and to secure their assets.
I am a housewife the property papers of my family were under my custody, however, before doing Hidden Treasure course my role was limited to keep property papers in the safe. After doing hidden treasure I know how to make property deals. What is the importance of sale deed, what are importance of other property document and I can even make out effects in drafting. Thanks for this wonderful course which is a wonderful platform for every female to learn new things.
I have understand the correct methodology of analyzing and controlling operating expenses in business during Hidden Treasure classes. The expenditure in business can be best monitored in relation to overall income rather than absolute amount of expenses. So if any expense is increasing in exception of our business income. I put it subject to further analysis and control.
Hidden Treasure has been both a fun and a platform for new experiences for me I have been able to put my theoretical knowledge of classroom into practical after Hidden Treasure course. This course has helped me to understand and analyze the financial of my company in a much better perspective.
I have learned many important aspects about my family business in Hidden Treasure. One of the important knowledge was about banking. How to better deal with banks, how to better negotiate with banks and what are important points of negotiation while making a borrowing decision. Now I ensure that our business assets and family assets are properly insured.
Hidden Treasure has given me much better understanding on many aspects including property deals, property papers, insurance and investments. The learning process is effortless, entertaining and amazing.
Ravindra Arya ji told me about the course Hidden Treasure which is designed and delivered by CA Ashok Sharda and his team. Although initially I was not very much inclined but later on we planned a seminar on the platform of Inner wheel. In the seminar we all were excited to know about the objectives, methodologies and importance for a female. Most of us joined the course immediately and after 3 months I can only say it was a wise decision.
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