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Uniwill is a company engaged in mentoring and skills development of entrepreneurs. Our major objective is to create and nurture entrepreneurship amongst every family member, especially amongst females and young generations. We are “creating more entrepreneurs” in every family. We believe that for “sustainable business growth of any family business, over generations to come” it is important that, every-one in the family is pro-actively involved in the business. This is the way forward “to ensure stronger foundation to your business, enabling exponential growth to your business and better safeguard to your family-wealth.

We make the entrepreneurship learning an entertaining journey, even for those who are not from business family or commerce background.

Our courses are designed:
i. to create more entrepreneurs “by channelizing hidden talents and potential among females” into entrepreneurship, so that every family have more entrepreneurs within family.

ii. to encourage “next generations of your family” into entrepreneurship by “bridging the gap between the knowledge provided in classrooms during education and the skills needed at grassroots levels in doing business, so that next generations are more involved in business & entrepreneurship.

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Sense of Achievement Business
September 19, 2019

Sense of Achievement

आज हम ख़ुशी और संतुष्टि में अंतर के बारे में बार करेंगे. क्या खुशी और संतुष्टि, happiness  और sense of satisfaction या fulfillment एक ही बात है.  क्या वो लोग जो खुश है वो उतने ही संतुष्ट भी है? शायद नहीं…. में ऐसा अनुभव कर रहा हु की आज लोग…

Ashok Sharda

Sense of Achievement

What is a role of a female in family-business in modern era? Business

What is a role of a female in family-business in modern era?


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